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"Shelter ByGG" Project

The creator Gabriela Gomes presents "Shelter ByGG", a project that brings out to public space a sculptural object that can be used as a living space.

This idea is related with the author's working line which is differentiated by "converting sculptural objects into design objects", turning them into products that can be used every day.

With "Shelter ByGG", Gabriela Gomes proposes the creation of an habitable module, inviting you to rest inside a sculpture installed on a public space. This module will have one double room integrated WC, assuring the confort and privacy of it users. The aesthetic part can´t be forgotten and it is one of the strongest aspects of this project

This is an experimental object which combines sculpture, design and architecture,defying new experiences with space and questioning relations of artistic enjoyment and habitation issues. Therefore, "Shelter ByGG" gathers plastic concepts with functionality and sustainability from one space only, something like a "cocoon/bedroom"

With this project is expected an artistic manifestation that provides an innovative and unexpected experience as an accommodation space, associated to eco-sustaintable solutions and mobility.

In its costruction and functioning, the environmental concerns can be seen, mainly on: the sustainability, by using non-polluting and recycled materials and on the energetic ecoefficiency, using solar energy

The mobility,associated to the temporary feature of this installation,turns it into an "itenerant object". In a first phase it will be installed and presented at Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture, however, it is easy mobility on a TIR will allow that it goes to other places with no need of infrastructures.


Gabriela Gomes - Author
Sérgio Bessa - Architecture


Luísa Braga - Architecture
Renata Santos - Consulting architectural
Carolina Bastos - Marketing
Abel Alves - Building
CeNTI - Integration of sustainable energy systems
Hugo Amaral e Nuno Loureiro - Vídeo
Real Light - 3D Images
ID-L - Production
Priscila Ferreira - Translation


Filipa Teixeira
Ângela Crisóstomo
Ana Luísa Machado
Manuel Otto
Paulo Alves
Ana Farinha
Pedro Pardinhas
Otelinda e Fernando Ferreira Gomes
Dalva Azevedo
All the partners


Guimarães 2012

In 2012, Guimarães will be hosting a major gathering of creators and creations: music, cinema, photography, fine arts, architecture, literature, thought, theatre, dance, street art. In Guimarães, the artistic products imagined and created by its residents will merge with those coming to the city from all over Europe. Over the course of one year, the city will be the promoter of Europe’s cultural diversity, revealing its creations and welcoming those from other countries. Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture will also be a catalyst for development of the city and surrounding region, having Culture, in its broadest sense, as the main driver of this transformation. It is aimed to improve the quality of life by contributing to the city’s urban, social and economic renewal, promoting comprehensive access to culture and enhancing the region and its collective public heritage. The material component of the project – a broad and ambitious programme of urban regeneration, already underway by the responsibility of the Municipal Council of Guimarães – complements the valorization of the symbolic capital of the city and its people, which is behind all the programming work for the European Capital Culture.


Centi - Center of Nanotechnology and Functional and Intelligent Technical Materials. Founded in 2006, this is an institute of new technologies (an entity of the national SCT), whose founders associated members are CITEVE, Minho's University, Oporto's University, Aveiro's University and CTIC. Centi's teams of R&D+I have advanced formation in the most various areas of knowledge, from engineering (chemical, polymers, biology, materials, electro-technical, biotechnology, etc.) to science (chemical and physical).

The technic and technologic competences allow CeNTI to be a center of applied R&D and development of innovating materials and devices at semi-industrial scale, mainly focusing on electronics (organic and concealed), polymers (fiber and encapsulation), functional materials (nano-materials and processes) and system's numerical simulation (buildings and materials).
CeNTI is an active member of European associations: Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) and Energy Efficient Building (E2B). CeNTI's participation on SHELTER ByGG's project, is focused on the integration of sustainable energetic systems, in particular photovoltaic energy and its connection with the adjacent electrical systems and their needs.

Corticeira Amorim

The building sector is a sector in which the concerns about sustainability are growing very much, being obvious the operator's interest in eco-efficient materials that guarantee the energetic and ambient sustainability of the buildings. And in this matter, cork is a unique solution.
With an amazing performance in terms of thermic and acoustic isolation and high resistance to wear, cork assures the same performance lifelong.
Corticeira Amorim have been doing a continuous work of development and improvement of the cork solutions destined to construction, with special emphasis on obtaining various and rigorous certifications, which testify the technical and environmental credentials of these products.

Between the construction solutions developed by Corticeira Amorim, it is emphasized on the project Shelter ByGG the CORKwall and the Expanded Cork Agglomerate MDFachada. The CORKwall, from Amorim Cork Composites, is an innovative external covering, directed to the finishing and rehabilitation of frontages and covers, which is applied though projection and allows the finisshing of any building in only one day and with no need of using the undesired scaffolds. Working as a thermic and acoustic isolation, the CORKwall is an efficient thermic barrier that prevents loss energy and the fissures on the surface. Between all the advantages, it is emphasized it's quick and easy assembly, and it may be used in any type of surface, in a total of 16 colors available in the market.

Considered the most ecologic isolation solution in the world, the Expanded Cork Agglomerate, of Amorim Isolations, besides being produced by resorting to a natural and renewable prime-material, it is differentiated by the process of industrial production, also 100% natural. The results are excellent isolation solutions, both thermic and acoustic.

In the project Shelter ByGG, the Expanded Cork Agglomerate MDFachada was selected by its versatility, adaptability to the idealized concept and the result is an innovative project, which design is promoted also by using cork.

Sonae Industry

Sonae Industry is one of the world's greatest industrial companies of wood based sector. Sonae Industry's range of products covers in particular:

  • Wood particle board, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard),
  • Hard fibreboard,
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board),
  • Added-value products and services (components, solutions and systems) for furniture, building, decoration industries and for the crafts sector.

And also:
  • High pressure rolled ornaments,
  • Chemical products (formaldehyde, formaldehyde based resins and impregnated papers).

Used materials:
Walls: Agepan OSB 3 12mm
Doors: Agepan OSB 3 5mm
Floor: Agepan OSB 4 22mm

Abel & Manuel LDA

Abel & Manuel, Lda is carpentry since 1970 and is specialized at specific wood works. Construction, setting stands at fairs and other events. Building SHELTER byGG is another challenge that we accept, and the reason why we joined this partnership: the many ways of how to work with wood, adjusting them to the requirements of this bold project.


AroundKnowledge is a Portuguese company founded in May of 2009 by three university researches that wanted to cross the bridge between the Academic world and the Industry. Ak is well established in the Mobile Application and Wireless market and is an MIT Portugal Program - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (MPP-IEI) start-up.
The company won the ISCTE/MIT Portugal Venture Competition in 2010. Actually the company is incubated in InSerralves,the incubator of Fundação de Serralves, one of the most recognized and respected Cultural & Arts institutions not only in Portugal but also abroad.
The company remained close with CRACS/INESC (Center for Research in Advanced Computing Systems/Institute Systems and Computer Engineering), Porto University Science Faculty (FCUP) and Telecommunications Institute to serve its clients the latest breakouts and state of the art methods to solve their problems.The team is composed by former university researchers (from Boston University, West Scotland, King's College London and Porto) with experience in Security, Networks, Operational Research and Ubiquitous Computing.
Ak has a multidisciplinary team composed by Software and Hardware Engineers, brand designers and marketiing specialists.



Colunex is a Portuguese company specialized on sleeping products (mattresses, adjustable beds, pillows, bed bases and headboards). Supported by technological and innovative concepts, Colunex can assure high quality and exclusive products all over the world. Above all, our main goal is to put on the market sleeping systems that provide awesome sensations of pleasure and care for health. We develop ideas and search for new perspectives to create the best solutions for healthy sleep.

As a company concerned in the promotion of life quality, Colunex is conscious of its environmental responsability and is committed to an eco-efficient management that reduces its impact on nature and preserve the environment. As a measure of environmental excellence, Colunex developed their manufacturing facilities in order to minimize energy costs, especially with lighting, natural light always contemplating and heating, through systems of hermetic closure of ports. Support sustainable eco projects is also a concern of the Colunex who believes that such partnerships as the Shelter Project reinforce the importance of active interaction of companies with their social environment.

In terms of products the company's proposal is quite different from the usual offer seen on the market: in mattresses and pillows we highlight the comfort, the benefit to the health of the spine, the quality and durability of materials, hypoallergenic and ecological character. In mattresses, test instruments are used in the context of ergonomics, performance, safety and durability of the product.

In terms of fiber fillings, for example, Colunex presents an innovation: the traditional insulation is to capture the warm air in the clothes to keep the heat. Colunex Adaptive comfort technology is an interactive process, on which it absorbs stores, distributes and releases the body heat, depending on the need. When the body temperature is cooler than the fabric, the heat makes the reverse cycle: come back to the body to balance the temperature.

Motivated by overcoming the expectations of customers by offering the market innovative, high quality and differentiated solutions to meet their health need and comfort, Colunex believes that success is not a destination but a path.

Canal 180

Canal180 is a channel about creativity which gathers some the most surprisingand original contents, from the music to documentaries, passing by urban art, through an international net collaborators.
Being present in every support: cable television (ZON HD, Vodafone Tv, Optimus Clix), internet and mobile, Canal180 tries to response to the challenge of making the media platforms more open and horizontal, promoting a greatest participation and innovation capacity.

With regular emissions, since April 25th 2011, and distribution in various digital platforms: internet(Facebook, Youtube, and website) and mobile. Own application for smartphone and tablet, Canal180 wants to offer an original programing, where it is easier to discover the most innovative contents produced worldwide, as it is to see the national agenda of the most relevant cultural events.

Canal180 is the first national channel about culture and creativity, projected by OSTV and winner of the National Prize of Creative Industries Unicer/Serralves 2010.
Canal180 makes Minidocs about some of the current most original creators, chosen by Canal180, from visual arts to music. It will be make one about Gabriela Gomes and her project Shelter ByGG.

Home Concept

Home Concept is a private trademark of bed and bath products, from the Portuguese company António de Almeida & Filhos Têxteis, SA., which with over 50 years of experience, is internationally known as one of the best textile producers.

Home Concept is artistic, luxurious, chic and nonconventional but at the same time simple and elegant. Home Concept was created to satisfy a sophisticated and exigent public, who appreciates bold patterns and is looking for products with excellent quality.
First established in Europe, where is distributed to various department stores such as El Corte Inglés in Portugal, Home Concept has already conquered Asia, namely Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Dubai, and recently, Thailand and is giving the first steps in the United States of America.

Home Concept wants to be different, add a touch of sophistication and elegance to each home and provide different atmospheres which can make you feel infinite emotions. Since the beginning, Home Concept embraced the idea of design and functionality of the materials as their main care. So, they present each year new irresistible collections (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). Home Concept decided to support SHELTER ByGG because this project fits their spirit and ideas: innovation, design and environmental worry. SHELTER byGG can count on a natural and relaxed line, simple but with small details. A range of products made with 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton, with finishing of stone wash, which will definitely make the space even more cozy and desirable.


Ach Brito is a traditional Portuguese company that dates back to 1887, with the foundation of the first soap factory in Portugal. With a remarkable past, marked by their authenticity, exclusivity, quality, tradition and refinement, this company still pursues an handmade philosophy, trying to associate tradition to innovation through launching new products and recovering centenary company labels. Ach Brito is on the market in a transverse way, and nowadays has products and brands directed to all the market segmentation, from the mass market to intermediate segmentation and luxury market. Claus Porto is the brand which is directed to luxury market, taking the name of Portugal to over 50 countries, through internationalization and exportation. The products we choose to this partnership are from Claus Porto. SHELTER byGG can count on unforgettable aromatic jewels that elevate our senses, soaps of the finest quality, packed by hand in vintage labels, which involves them in an unmistakable and sophisticated charm. Enriched with shea butter, these soaps seduce even more by the harmonious combination of textures and fragrances. Not only regular soaps, these products are real pieces of art, also available in other piece of art, an habitable sculpture. A truly perfect match!


The brand Wedi, present in the European market since about 30 years, it represents the various applications of building panels, shower trays, wellness booths, etc.

Wedi's building panels are much more than just regular construction material. It combines an endless number of properties in one only product.
Wedi's panel is formed by polystyrene and it is covered on both sides with cement mortar, which turns it into the ideal support to receive the desired finishing.

Besides turning the wall, ceiling or floor waterproof, it also works as a thermic isolator, assuring an excellent energetic efficiency of the space.

Wedi associates with the project Shelter ByGG (in tge shower area) for considering this project extremely innovative and a reference in the idea of futuristic construction, where functionality, sustainability, the use of space, comfort, without neglecting the aesthetic part, which is more and more increased in value on the building sector.


Expocamping is a company that commercializes camping equipment, caravans and camper vans, also providing assistance services.
The invitation to participate in the project Shelter ByGG is an opportunity to participate in a great project.
Expocamping's participation in the project Shelter ByGG consists in the application of some materials used in caravans and camper vans.
Used materials:
1 - Dometic toilet;
2 - water deposit;
1 - Panel for water and battery levels;
1 - water heater;


Gomes Alves Travel Agency

Our agency started activity in 1959, inserting itself into the industry, trade and services markets, having as the main motto to provide quality services. Our founder member and current Director - Armando Gomes Alves - was the creator of the first Travel Agency in Guimarães and also in Vizela, opened in 1985.

The quality of our services has been recognized during all these years of activity, and our many and loyal clients deserve such quality, we are very proud of the treatment they give us. During our 53 years of existence, we dedicate special attention to trips in our country and abroad, with complete satisfaction of our clients. It is our goal to keep on exploring the sector and turning it better.

In general, our services make reservations in every type of transportation means, Hotels, renting cars, travel insurance, package tours, entry permits, etc… At the moment we are creating a special service for enterprises, we hope it have a good acceptance. Through this, we are hoping to meet the real needs of this sector, we will fight to achieve complete satisfaction.

We plan any type of journey and we also dedicate ourselves to the realization of Leisure Trips and group trips. The reason for our existence and stay in the market is to satisfy the professional and personal needs of our customers. It was with great satisfaction that we accepted being partners in this innovative, ecologic and great project, mainly because it will be a part, for a while, of the European Capital of Culture - Guimarães 2012.

Casa da Prisca

The tradition, the expertise and the reputation of the products of Casa da Prisca result from loving gastronomy and earth products during several decades. Since 1917, this activity is present in this family continuously, passing the knowledge, philosophies and the pleasure to transform the best meats, fruits and vegetables from father to son and from son to grandson for four generations. Placed in Trancoso, land of hot and dry summers and harsh and cold winters, Casa da Prisca is in the heart of Trás-os-Montes, delimitated by Coa and Douro Rivers, and Marofa's mountain system on north and on south by Mondego River and Serra da Estrela's mountain system.

Besides the excellent Portuguese Traditional Charcuterie products, Casa da Prisca presents to the national and international market a set of gastronomic relics and gourmet flavors, turning the best fruits and vegetables into alchemies of surprising taste. The appreciation of the gastronomic identity, with Atlantic, Iberian and Mediterranean influences is given by the flavor and the moments of gustatory pleasure that our clients experience with the brands CASA DA PRISCA, PRISCA gourmet and PRISCA seduction.

With a strong connection to the region where is settled, Casa da Prisca tries actively to strengthen the development of the region, their people and their resources. This purpose of an sustained development has broaden horizons and Casa da Prisca widen its activity to other areas, reviving the regional confectionary producing delicious Trancoso Sweet Sardines. Soon, Casa da Prisca will reinsert in Trancoso a certain kind of pig, the Bisara pig, as well as widen its activity to tourism and leisure. Casa da Prisca collaborates with the project SHELTER byGG, sweetening the breakfast of those who will enjoy this innovative experience. Jams 100% naturals, with an amazing taste and made with traditional recipes. SHELTER byGG showed up to us as an excellent opportunity to show that innovation and new artistic experiences can be complemented and enhanced when we use the best our gastronomic culture has to offer. We hope the people who go through this concept have a more complete experience, stimulating every sense, especially the taste one.

Hands on Earth, Lda

Hands on Earth is a project cultivation and preparation of agricultural products, aimed at a public looking for product quality and authenticity.
We focus on the growth of organic aromatic herbs without using any fertilizers or chemical pesticides. We prepare aromatic organic herbs for infusions and culinary seasoning.
In addition to the herbs we also dehydrate and prepare 100% natural fruit without coloring or preservatives, adding only freshly squeezed lemon juice. We also have homemade jams from selected seasonal fruit.


Piodao Group was founded in Portugal, in 1992 by a group of individuals passionate for the production of artesian textiles.

At Piodao Group, people are at the very core of what we do. We believe that there’s no substitute to a talented craftsman when it comes to delivering quality and comfort. Delivering hand tufted rugs made by artisans using only the best selection of raw materials is what we are all about.

The flexibility was always the key to the success of Group Piodão and their products. Our ability to produce different shapes, materials, patterns, is notorious for all our customers, and this factor combined with quality factors most important added value of our carpets. With a team of dedicated professionals, customization and large formats is a reality for us every day. With 20 years experience, we produce rugs for some of the most prestigious international brands.

Piodão Group is a partner of the SHELTER BYGG for believing in the innovative and sustainable side of this project. We want to add comfort to this habitable module in the public space which challenges boundaries between architecture and design.


João Morgado


Working In Progress

Shelter ByGG from Hugo Amaral on Vimeo.

Economia Verde - 10:40 07.03.2014 - Escultura habitável





Shelter byGG
CACE Cultural do Porto
Rua do Freixo, 1071
4300-219 Porto

tel. +351 220 990 472
tel.+351 916308501

Sales Department:


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Gabriela Gomes

Gabriela Gomes (born in 1968) graduated in Plastic Arts - Sculpture by the Faculty of Fine Arts (Oporto) in 1992. Concluded a post-graduation in Industrial Design by the College of Arts and Design (Matosinhos), and completed the course "The Monument's Figure" by the Convent of Serra da Arrábida, in 1993.

From 1992 to 2000 participated in several workshops, namely "Rhythm and Color - the body on art" in Montpelier (1995) and the workshop "Performance and New Technologies" guided by Sarah Rubidge and John-Marc Gowans no Porto em 2000. Developed the scenic design and the costumes for the play "...asthmas" on the 6th Independent Dance Showcase in 2000, and the costumes for the play "The Visitors" on Campo Alegre Theatre in 2003. In 2005, Gabriela Gomes is invited to be part of an exchange project of contemporary art "Imaginary Line", São Paulo, Brasil.

Between 1990 and 2006 developed her work on plastic arts and made several individual and collective exhibitions, participated in International Biennials, Fairs and Showcases of Contemporary Art in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Brazil and Holland.

In 2006, creates the project ByGG, a personal project of product design, published in various international design sites, with which receives support of the National Prize of Creative Industries and in 2009 is invited to be part of INSERRALVES. In 2010 is selected in the field of "Destination Portugal" for the MoMA stores of New York and Tokyo and for the "Talents" of the international fair Tendence Messe Frankfurt, in Germany.

Gabriela Gomes was also invited for the "Talents on Tour" by Messe Frankfurt and Zeughausmesse Berlim, which passed off in April, 2011 in Berlin, and participated in the exhibition PIN ANONIMUM, in the field of Experimenta Design 2011, in Lisbon.


Rua de Serralves, 954
4150-705 Porto

tel. +351 916 308 501